4 Common Mistakes Yoga Beginners Do


yoga difficult pose
Yoga has various levels. It is very shocking when beginners start their practice or join the advance level as courses as beginners. There’s huge risk of hurting yourself, it is like driving deep end of the pool without knowing how to swim.

So look for basic classes and start as a beginner, everything has its level and move step by step, yoga asana for teenagers is different as compared to 40 plus age group.


wrong clothes during yoga
A lot of people try to hide their extra fats by wearing extra size or more then the size required during yoga, there ‘s no need to wear  those clothes which does not fit your body and you feel uncomfortable. The clothes that we should wear while doing yoga should be so comfortable that relax our mind and body. There are different asanas and posture done in yoga and if you are not comfortable with your clothes and for the purpose you are doing yoga will not fulfill.


insecure in yoga classes
Forget about who’s judging you in the class. Nobody in the class who is perfect in all aspect. Yoga isn’t one size fits all exercise form. Everybody is different and asanas can be modified to work specifically for you. Yoga isn’t about being super-flexible or performing crazy stunts; it’s about connecting your mind with your body through breathing, you can become flexible in yoga by practicing not in a week. For different part different asanas are there which suits to different personality.


not go with full stomach in yoga classes
When your body is full your blood supply funneled through stomach to process the nutrients from your food .Its leave your muscles shortchanged on energy they need for successful practice. The other reason can be that when your stomach is full you feel little lazy and sleepy you feel like sleeping all the time, so whenever you are going for yoga do not full your stomach.  The perfect time for doing yoga is in the morning with the fresh air, but for some reason you can’t do in morning you can do it in the evening. And always remember start your yoga with easy asanas, otherwise for what you are doing it you will not get it and the result at the end will be zero.

Written by – Neetu Jaiswal

Source Image – Google