# Touching Story -Psycho Boyfriend


We all love relationships but when it turns ugly we wanna run away from it . I am shikha and I am victim of psycho lover relationship. It all started in college ,we saw each other, liked each others company and fell in love. When things are good everything seems perfect and so was Rahul for me. Being possessive he would always accompany me everywhere. I too never objected as I loved his company and felt safe wide him around. But soon our relationship had its testing time when I went to other city for further education. Though initially he didn’t object but his true colors started showing. Initially things were okay but as I started settling down in my new college things got worse. He would call me 100 times a day and would inquire about my new friends all the time. This was the time our quarrel started. Every night we were fighting on phone and then next morning he would apologies. This lasted for months and affected my studies badly. My grades were gang down but he never understood. Things got worse when we were giving farewell to our seniors and he came to my college. I was surprised to see him and before I could say anything he started shouting in front of my friends .that was huge embarrassment for me and finally I decided to call of my relationship. It was hard for both of us but I explained him it’s better than fighting each day. After two days he went back but continued giving me calls and sent messages. I told him let me finish my course and he should also concentrate on his career. Once we are settled then we will think about it.

I thought with time he will understand and change but I was wrong he swallowed pills and gave me threatening calls. He even hacked my Facebook account and used to check my mails too. Many times he would stand in front of my hostel and give me threats. I tried my best to calm him down but of no use. . I had no option but to tell my parents about him. My parents contacted his family and briefed them about situation. They were taken aback because they had never seen his violent side. He would beg me to take him back. I was so emotionally disturbed because I wanted to help him. But I knew he was mentally ill. Many times I tried calming him down but then again all of a sudden he would turn violent. I changed my mobile numbers every week but somehow he always managed to get my new numbers. Now I was getting frustrated and tired. My inbox was full of threatening messages and his calls. My friends suggested lodging police complain but my heart was not willing to do. Damn I loved this man, god what is he doing and why is he doing.

But then heavy heart I lodged police complaint. He had to move back to his hometown. I was so relieved but sad too. After few days I received biggest shock of my life, my dad told me Rahul suffered from nervous breakdown and is paralyzed. I was shocked and felt responsible for his condition.


Love is not always sweet it can be bitter too.

Written By – Samriti

Image Source – Google


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