5 Nice Ways to Say ‘No’ to Calorie Food

Whether its weddings, family function or just dinner with friends. Food is tied to a host of social obligation. it’s difficult to say no someone offer you food, they may feel bad or insulted.

The goal of eating is to feel good not guilty, if you eat food under pressure you will not enjoy it and you will not feel a sense of satisfaction, so we have some tips to tackle such situations .


avoid calorie food have some soup before eating

Fill up your stomach with soup and salad before going out and if your tank is full you will not eat too much, when calorie food is passed over you try to pass it to your friend, in that way you can eat healthy food most of the evening and you can get appreciation for your effort.


appreciate others cooking, appreciate others food

When somebody has prepared food they want you to have it and want you to appreciate for the effort and you should say things like `outstanding presentation with fabulous food’ ‘you are such a wonderful host’ and I am having a great time’

And also compliment the food, the more you will appreciate the food, the more people will think that you have tasted the food and enjoyed.


avoid dessert, avoid sweet dish

This is really an art to postpone the heavy desert food, in India dessert food are very heavy with full of calories, you can tell your host that you had a heavy food and now no for dessert, and in this way your host will not ask you the second time around, as he or she will be preoccupied with other guests.

And if they insist you again then you can say you can carry dessert at home, and now it’s your secret if you have it or not.


inform others you are on diet, mentally prepare yourself you are on diet

You can tell your host that you are on healthy eating programme, it is always better to enlist your family and friends when you are trying to lose weight, tell them that you will appreciate their support.

They will much more obliging to help you along your weight loss journey.


not diet too much, stay healthy

For healthy journey you should have healthy mind and for healthy mind you should have healthy body, if taking such precaution or healthy tips you can achieve your goal ,don’t make a goal for slim body try to have healthy body. It is well said little care and precaution will make life easy going

Written By- Neetu Jaiswal

Image Source – Google


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