Cooking Exam


People have different hobbies some like cooking, some like photography, others like dancing etc. For me cooking is of least interest. Somehow since childhood I never enjoyed cooking though my mom would force me to learn some basic cooking tips. But for me it was most boring task in world. I always wondered about people who are crazy about cooking. Especially being girls cooking is considered as essential part of your grooming.  Many of my friends joined cooking classes but I rather joined dance class or some sport activity.

As long as I was with my parents I never felt need to learn this art but when I got married my perception changed. It’s said things change with time so does ones thinking. Initially it didn’t matter much as I could manage simple day to day food though it was not lip smacking but you can say chalta hai types… its common mentality that girls are born with good cooking skills but at least I was not from that group of girls. But soon I realised that no one is interested where you have been or what you were doing, only thing matters is you should cook well.

I used to check recipes online or call my mum for guidance. My husband is quite supporting and never criticised me on my poor cooking skills. I must appreciate him for his patience as he had been victim of my burnt dishes many times.

One day as we were just making plans for evening and all of a sudden his phone rang. The news he gave me got my heart racing. Guess what his relatives were coming to meet us and would love to dine with us. On hearing this I was in panic mood. Common guys I couldn’t serve my pathetic dishes to my in laws. I ran into kitchen and started looking out for veggies I couldn’t understand what to do. He calmed me down and helped me out with menu.

My situation was similar when during exam you go blank and off course it was my cooking exam. Any how I started preparations with chopping of vegetables. But as its said when we are in hurry things will become more difficult I was almost done with vegetables and was about to cook rajma but my stove went out of gas. Alas panic bell rang… and in all this commotion I forgot to add basic spices to rajma. After giving enough pressure I thought I was done.

Salad, vegetables, curd and desert were all ready. I was bit nervous so I called my hubby to taste dishes but when he tasted rajma he commented “there is nothing in it “. And the doorbell rang, gosh I got blank what to do now. My guests had arrived and soon they all wanted dinner. I was totally nervous and was looking into his eyes. The moment they tasted dishes there were praises all around “what a tasty food”. I was moonstruck but I understood whose magic it was. Once they left my hubby said you did good job and I replied no you did it. He tasted dishes behind my back and added all that missing.

From that day onwards I call him my tastemaker and also I realised no matter where you are a stage comes in life when cooking indeed becomes essential asset ……..

Written By – samriti

Image source – Google


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