Baby’s First Birthday, What Does It Mean

Birthdays ….most memorable events of year for everyone. Being parents it becomes more special when it’s your darlings first birthday. Your mind is full of all those party themes, return gifts, decorations, menu etc. This occasion seems very important for you. You feel like event manager going to organise a gala event. Of course your marathon starts one month before with shortlisting of stuff, preparing guest list, looking out for dresses.

Baby’s first month is remarkable milestone in both lives of child and parents. You feel amazed how year has passed by and those little tiny feet have now started walking. No doubt at this point of time child won’t understand about what is happening around but when she grows up she will be excited to know all at her first birthday .

Being mommy we all want it to be special for our little angels. I have a party to plan ahead and this is what I am thinking to do about.

  • Theme


These days no party is complete without themes and various themes have come up like frozen, avengers, Cinderella , angry birds etc. choosing appropriate theme is Hercules task . But definitely theme should gel with my baby choice, since my lo loves penguins so I am thinking about ice age theme.

  • Guest list and invites


For this both the parents would have to sit and prepare it off course party should have lots of kids around as its baby birthday.

  • Cake


Omg I am just amazed at variety of cakes available these days. You name the character and you can get it on cake. For me it should gel with my theme. So how about a penguin cake.

  • Decoration


Again for this we need to take help from Mr Google and find out what kind of thing is in. well I m thinking of making snow mountains and snow tunnels with snow flakes hanging down and Madagascar animal all around, my baby would definetly love it

  • Return gifts


These days no party is complete without return gifts and yes everything should be in sync with the theme. Huge  variety is available in market from mugs, bottles, sippers, piggy banks etc.

  • Party Dress


Most critical part is my princess dress. Birthday girl should look special and different. So mommy get set ready for shopping because this shopping is not going to be easy one.

This day means so much to every parent … and we all want it to be perfect… its beginning of baby’s social life …

Would love more inputs from readers …so that I can make it memorable day for my lo …..

Written By – Samriti

Image Source – Google



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