Safety tips for girls to protect themselves

2016 and we can see lot many changes…………But is it good or bad? Very tough to answer, there are many good things happening and at the same its tilting towards getting bad, one of the negative point is increasing crime rate against women.

The reality is that we are living in a country where we are talking about man and women gets the equal rights.  The sad reality is that we live in an increasingly violent society in which the fear of crime is ever-present. Personal safety has become an issue of importance for everyone, but especially for women.

There are following few weapons that ladies can use for their safety-

1) Awareness of surrounding


The first, and probably most important, component in self-defense is awareness. Be aware of yourself, your surroundings, and your potential attacker’s likely strategies.

 2)  Listen to your gut feeling


your intuition is a powerful subconscious insight into situations and people. All of us, especially women, have this gift, but very few of us pay attention to it. Learn to trust this power and use it to your full advantage. Avoid a person or a situation which does not “feel” safe–you’re probably right.

3) Keep a pepper spray


Each and everything’s has its pros and cons,  in the same way if you are carrying a pepper spray it can affect you in the same, if you’re carrying it in your purse, you will only waste time and alert the attacker to your intentions while you fumble for it. Never depend on any self-defense tool or weapon to stop an attacker.

4) Have escape plan


Escape is always the best option, If you are walking and somebody is following you run as fast as you can and take a turn if possible. And if the criminal is after your purse or other material items, throw them one way while you run the other.

5) Hit where it hurts


Hit the person on that part where he feel the most.It is important to understand that you CAN and SHOULD defend yourself physically. You have both the moral and legal right to do so.

6) Self defense training

images (4).jpg

It is important to evaluate the goals and practical usefulness of a women’s self-defense program before signing up. The self-defense program should include simulated assaults, with a fully padded instructor in realistic rape and attack scenarios, to allow you to practice what you’ve learned.

7) Home invasions


The primary way to prevent a home invasion is simply to never, ever open your door unless you either are certain you know who’s on the other side or can verify that they have a legitimate reason for being there.

8) Extra alert


You have to be extra alert when you are travelling by taxi , alone at night in the street or going to the top floor by lift at night.


Written By- Neetu Jaiswal

Image source – Google


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