More Gain, More pain-Eat more,lose more

You are feeling pretty proud of yourself as you take out the old weighing Scale – you have been eating healthy and exercising regularly with discipline and just to give yourself pat on the back and you step on the scale- you will be shocked to see that you gained weight.

Sometimes, assuming what is healthy; we unknowingly wind up sabotaging our best efforts at losing weight. Here comes some of the reason:

You may be over compensating


Along with implementing on a healthy nutritious diet, you have started exercising regularly- something you have never done before, you have also subconsciously started compensating yourself for all the hard work. The extra helping of pudding or some fries is not making you guilty.

In fact you think it won’t increase your weight. But the reality of it is that you may not always know how much you are ingesting hence you get shock at the weighing machine.

You may be eating incorrectly

images (2).jpg

Not at all concern low fat is low calories, sometimes sugar is added more and more for better flavor. Also, even while adding vegetables and other nutrients in their regular deit, most people forget to check the amount of oil used for cooking.

Eating without thinking


A game or your favorite film on TV-and suddenly all you’re dieting goes out of the window, It is true to say eating while watching TV could lead to 10 percent more calories consumed in one session or 25 percent Over the course of the day.

You may be dehydrated

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Adequate hydration i.e. about 2-3 liters of water per day For better functioning of the body, water keeps your body under control.

Food tempt you


Delicious food attract every one, we must have control on what to eat and what not to eat, if food is tempting u,don’t control have it but the you must have control on the quantity that you eat.

Written By- Neetu Jaiswal

Image Source- Google


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