3 Easy ways to handle JOB INSECURITY


JOB SECURITY is a condition where employees lack the assurance that their job will remain stable from day to day. It is very true that purgatory of job insecurity may be even worse than unemployment.

The truth is that an employee can do a lot to reduce the fear and feeling of job insecurity. It does get rather tough and unconvincing when a person feels insecure all through or through a major part of his work career. Such a person will more often than not have complaints about other colleagues, they seem to get more pay than him, they seem to have the easier work to do etc. While there is no denying the fact that there are fair and unfair managers and organizations, it is best to look within and take what remedial measures are possible. After all you have to live your own life no matter where you work or stay. This general article will provide some useful suggestions, you can make a start and you should do it right now.



If  you are in production department of  organization. There is a low season factor in your industry and the boss asks you to help the shipping section. The real situation does show that there is insufficient work in your department, so take the new task cheerfully and start work. The more tasks you learn the better it is for your future, this will true whether you continue to work in your organization or move to another one.



Day to day things is changing so we should also upgrade our self with new technology update knowledge. If you are moved from one department to another, keep cordial relationships with your new colleagues, you might not like them but, you will need to learn the work process and tasks in the new department from them.



Employees are generally removed from the organization when the company is facing loss, in this condition it is the work of the employee to maximize production with minimum resources, look for cost cutting no wastage should be there and company will face less loss.

Multiples studies investigating the impact of job insecurity is due to financial crisis these have been cut in most countries.

Written by – Neetu Jaiswal

Image Source – Google


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