summer vaccation – what to do ???

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Hip hip hurray ,, summer vacation are on … aww I miss those childhood days when i eagerly waited for summer vacations to start as my list to do things was always ready . I guess it would have been pretty same for everyone. Summer vacations are most anticipated by every kid in the house. Though its tough time for mommies with kids all day running around in home but the fun and joy of our kids make us forget everything. Well I had loads of things planned for my vacations what about you guys… if you are still wondering on how to make your vacation fun filled, I have few tips for you.

  • Nani housedownload

This has always been my number 1. No matter what the distance be but visiting nani house is always joyous. That warm hug from nani and that those chilled mango shake … hmmm yummy. Our nani also waits for our summer vacations and I bet you she has already set menu for you. My nani always said “nani ghar jayege doodh malai khaiyge, aur mote honge aaynge…”

  • Swimmingdownload

Best way to chill out in scorching heat is to join swimming classes. It’s fun experience plus best exercise in summers. I joined swimming every summer… I tell u guys it’s so much fun…

  • Dance classesdownload (2)

With various forms of dance around I recommend those hip hop dance classes. Who doesn’t want to flaunt those moves on annual functions… so just pick the nearest classes and get rocking?

  • Trying new recipes at homeimages (1)

This is also fun guys, though your mommy won’t enjoy it… but trying out new recipes like shakes, ice cream can also be good pass time in vacations. I always experimented with chilled golas, shakes, cakes and thank fully it turned out to be good. Though make sure to clean mess you make don’t leave it for mommy.

  • Clean your roomdownload (4)

I know you won’t like it but its best time to re arrange your room to give you knew feeling. Change positions of your furniture; arrange your wardrobe and your study area. I promise once you are done you will love it.

  • Family tripdownload (3)

Its best time of year to plan your family trip together to some cold place… offcourse you need to gossip about places to visited with your friends.

So guys just don’t be couch potatoes, get up and get going …images (2)

Enjoy summer vacations …..

By samriti

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