#Share The Load …

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Share the load …. Yaa I like this slogan from Aerial add and kudos to advertising team for making such emotional advertisement. The story potrayed is every household story where male feels doing simple household chores is against his ego. . I am pretty sure every female liked that advertisement while every male would have said bakwass… Really is it bakwaass to do simple job as laundry that too in washing machine .. You can tire your fingers with computer games but not press two buttons of washing machine ….

If we analyse any survey, 99% males never keep their tea cups or dinner plates in kitchen. Guys what kind of behaviour is  this, and I wonder who taught them all these tantrums. When we were kids we are taught to keep our plates in kitchen and do our work ourselves but what happens when these kids grow up. Are the lessons taught in our childhood only for girls .. Not applicable for boys .. Isn’t it basic part of our grooming…?


  • Preach what you practise …images (5)

Kids will always imitate their adults so if you don’t keep your dinner plates in kitchen they will follow you. or be ready to hear “ papa aap bhi to nahin rakhte,,mummy utha leingi “

  • Gender discrimination..images (11)

A basic thought of male superiority comes from home where bhayia is favoured and sweet sister will do his work. Mommies why this… do u really want to spoil your boy…

  • Decision makingimages (9)

Now our little boy has grown up so lets take his opinion too but what about our little princess , her opinions also matter … listen to her voice too ..

  • Dinner table .                                                                 .download (3)

In most of our indian families , sons eat with their dads and moms and sister are made too eat later .. I fail to understand why cant you eat together ..

  • Household chores..images (4)

Every girl assumes its her duty to help her mom , what bout the boys isn’t she their mother too … why cant they help  her …images (6)


Problem is in our thoughts and I feel its mothers who will have to take initiatives to teach their boys to partcipate in household activites even if they enter college so that when his times come  , he can help his wife .. and dad’s please throw away your ego and set good examples for your kids …A happy family is one that sits together , eats together, laughs together, cries together, plays together and offcourse helps each other ….

Let  whole family  share the load …………………….images (4) By Samriti


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