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YOU AND ME TOGETHER…..TOO  GOOD TO BE TRUE !!”………You having crush?? Hehehe!! Dont blush!!

Hey guys, let me tell you somthing. On our first night ,my hubby shared his various crushes( obviously I didn’t shared mine and today also I’ll not 😉 ).He told me about his first crush……It was way back when he was in 10th standard. He told he didn’t believed in love and was never attracted towards girls, but the day he saw his new neighbour he completely got lost into her and he heard violions all around………jaisa filmo me hota hai………’…….dekha jo tujhe yaar ,mann me baji guitar…….’

Silly na!! Ya,I know……..but  CRUSHES are momentous part of each and every life. Crushes happen customarily and are frequently talked about. So, what is actually ‘a crush’. Urban Dictionary defines a crush as “a burning desire to be with someone who you find very attractive and extremely special.” .

“It’s nice to have a crush on someone. It feels like you’re alive, you know?”  – Scarlett Johansson

Crushes make you feel crazy, emotions–like feeling super shy and uncontrollably giddy at the same time. Having a crush on someone can be both exciting and terrifying. Sometimes, it’s hard to determine if you even have a crush on someone or not. One can have more than one crush at atime. Psycological study says……..a crush doesn’t lasts for more than 4 months…………if the feeling is still there it might be LOVE.

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It’s not rare to hear,” I have crush on my friend……on my relative……on my friend’s sis…….on a cousin…..on a celebrity…..on my ideal……on a stranger………and the list goes on. Crushes can be broadly categorized into 4 types :

  1. The Friendly Crush: Most redundant and easy to deal with and mostly great love stories start from dosti………’…..aaya mausam dosti ka.’ This crush is grounded on the fact that not all strong feelings are romantic. It’s all about trusting someone and becoming really close to that someone, without necessarily having romantic feelings for him/her.
  2. The Admiration Crush: When one idolizes a person (like a celebrity, teacher, or classmate who has done something really cool), one may cherish some intense feelings about that person and what he/she has done. Usually, this crush simmers down with time.
  3. The Passing Crush: ‘……..dekhte hi dekhte dil kho gaya……’ these lyrics from a hit song tells all about this crush. Inspite of being in a great relationship, one might still get ATTRACTED TO SOMEONE ELSE only for bat of an eye. This attraction is what is called a passing crush. Habitually, passing crushes are synchronized with physical attraction.
  4. The Romantic Crush: It happens when you really like someone…….and in a romantic way. Having a romantic crush means that you want to be with that person in more than just a friendly way…….want to be his/her boyfriend or girlfriend. Ofttimes you fantasize about kissing, holding hands with, or cuddling with that person.images (1)

At times it’s difficult to recognize that you have crush on someone. There are some signs which tells that you have a crush…….

  1. Your Behavior around your Crush : “…..jab saamne tum aa jaate ho….na jaane ye ho jaata hai…….”…. to begin with, you react instinctively when your crush is around. Generally it’s be a subconscious reaction. The most common sign of having a crush is the feeling that you have a million butterflies flying around inside you when that special someone is around. It can also feel like your heart does a leap when you see your crush and you feel warm and giddy. Most of the times, you will react in one of two ways–either by becoming really shy ( curling up into a ball ) and tongue-tied and batting your eyes, flipping your hair overand over again, and playing with your hair , or by becoming really outgoing. Blushing incessantly and not able to raise your eyes up from that suddenly very interesting speck of dirt on the ground……speechless or not having anything witty or interesting to say…..or talking a lot……giggling and joking around too much……trying to tease him/her (your crush)…….are all signs that you have a crush.
  2. CHANGING YOURSELF………….You’ve changed anything about your life with your crush in mind. You have taken a new and deep interest in a subject that you know your crush is interested in, like photography or rock climbing.
  • HELPLESS IMAGINATION……… Day-dreaming and fantasizing about your special one becomes an important part of the day. You often get delusionals about how it would be if you start dating that person……..starting your day with him or ending day with him/her.So that’s only the brief moment when you gauge all the courage to talk to
  1. CUTTING OFF FROM GET-TOGETHERS It becomes a habit to drop everything, every plan, and running to your crush if he/she asks you to hang out at the coffee shop and you feel like you have made an achievement. You will attend an event or party based on whether or not your crush will be there.
  2. CONSTANT RESTLESSNESS and NAUSEATING “Does she like me, does she not?” “Will I ever be able to date her/him” All these queries keep on hitting you every moment.
  3. ANALYSING HIS EVERY MOVE N EVERY WORD………. You analyse each and every move of that person – the man of your dreams. You also hang on to every word that comes out of your crush’s mouth as if they are Jesus and you are one of his disciples.You are able to spot your crush from far distances or in a crowd because of weird distinguishing physical features, like the shape of their head or the size of their ears.”He ignored me. Does that mean he also has a secret crush on me.”
  • INSOMNIA Waiting for her text and constantly check your phone to see if your crush has texted you, even if it hasn’t buzzed. Morover, if it’s your who has texted you, it takes you at least a full minute to compose yourself before you can check your text. You agonize over every word, punctuation mark, and emoticon you use when you replying back as if you were one of the founding fathers writing the Constitution.Other reasons of insomnia may include……… Waiting for her/him to come online on Facebook. Even if she/he comes online and starts chatting with you, you get as efficient as the NSA. “Does she like me, can she like me?” Crushing on someone can be really harmful to health.
  • DOUBTING UR OWN SANITY ……and questioning your own behaviour.  Dressing up for them, trying to be someone you’re not, being uncomfortable in a crowded room where he/she is present……nomatter if it make you FEEL stupid but you do it stil, just for his/her attention.images (2)
  1. JEALOUS You tend to forget that he/she is just your crush. So, whenever they talk about their past with any other girl, it makes you super jealous and it is VERY OBVIOUS.
  2. RESEARCHING ON YOUR CRUSH EVERY SECOND…..It seems to be the only goal of life….the best thing to do in the whole world. You know your crush’s middle name, the names of their parents, siblings, any pets, and best friends.You also know their favorite TV shows, movies, foods, and taste in music. You also know random trivia about your crush, like where they went on vacation in 2011 or what clubs they were part of in college.
  3. TALK ABOUT YOUR CRUSH ALL THE TIME………. Your friends are sick and tired of how much you bring up your crush in conversation.You and your friends have a nickname for your crush. You probably think it is clever, but really it just is creepy.
  • BEING CREEPY………Last but not the least, You’ve drawn their name in a heart. It’s cute when you’re in elementary school. In a college notebook or on office stationery, it’s just creepy. Or might check relationship compatibility with him/her.

Despite all of this craziness, you’ve realized having a crush is one of the most human experiences you can possibly have. Consider your thoughts while reading this article. While reading this, has there been one specific person on your mind while reading this article? If you answer yes, it means you have a crush on that person.

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By Dr Chandini



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