Get together party checklist

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“Purani jeans aur who guitar “ahh I love this song, it refreshes my college memories .Old gang get together is so much fun and memorable. In our busy lives we just text each other and hardly have time to meet them.  Few days back my husband happen to bang into his old college buddies and he  called them for dinner  .I got this news at 3 pm and his friends were supposed to arrive by 7 pm .  He gave me that cute little smile and off course I couldn’t say no. I tell you whenever you need help your maid will always be sick. Huhh so I had to turn into into superwoman wid my little lo on my back I started with work. Cooking is not that tough but decorating house is tough one as my little one loves to throw things here and there. Below is check list of  ingredients  that are must for rocking party to rewind your mind to those college days.

1) Lighting and music

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Party looks god with dim lights. Switch off the tube lights and decorate corners with led strings .you can wrap them around your indoor plants or just hang them over the curtains. Play your college time rock band music to set the feel

2)Sitting arrangement

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Make sitting as casual and comfortable. With old friends around your party is going to last till late. Have some bean bags, floor cushions or mattresses and cover them with good bed sheets.

3) Starters

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Very important as you don’t want to keep your guest hungry. Have plenty of easy to cook starters like popcorns, potatoes balls, creamy nachos, wafers, masala nuts etc . . . . these are easy to cook  and serve . Since college gossips are going to be endless so should be your small eats.

4)Main course

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Don’t keep lavish dinner as party will be up late and with starters and drinks, your guest will not be able to enjoy every dish you cook. It’s better to keep main course to 2-3 dishes and stock up your starters.

5) Drinks

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Drinks are main element of your party. Have variety of drinks including hard drinks to soft drinks  to offer to your guest and keep good back up of it . You don’t want to embarrass yourself with shortage of any liqour.


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Let’s make evening more enjoyable with some fun games like truth or dare, cards etc . . . . involve everyone and let the child within you have fun .

7)Photos slideshow

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Prepare slideshow of your college photos and let everyone enjoy walk down old lanes .i bet your folks will love it.

8) Dessert

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No party is complete without dessert, ice creams are best when your party is on short . notice  just add choco sauce or choco chips or those love sprinklers to give your special touch …..


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Dump all your clothes or extra stuff in your closets or under beds. Have room fresheners in your bathrooms and keep them clean and dry.

10) Selfie


Most important element of reunion is selfie with your friends. Don’t forget to click pics before your guest leave.its great way of collecting your enjoyment moments .

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Reunion is fun and full of enjoyment so just pick up your phone and call them over .Trust  me hosting a party is not tough rather enjoyable .

By Samriti


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