Monday Blues


“Khoon choosne…..tu aayaa khoon choosne…..Bloody khoonee Monday kyoon aaya khoon choosne…….” Lyrics of a popular bollywood number says it all….. 😛 . Every single person, irrespective of his age/gender abhors Mondays; in unison. I guess it’s wearisome for all to think of anything which is more exhausting than Monday mornings. In relation to Monday mornings; Jim Davis has truly said “Good morning is a contradiction of terms.”
Every adult; without exception, who studies or works has one common query………. “why does Monday come?” But we all should be grateful that…..”Mondays comes only once every week.” It is very natural to feel awful about Monday, the starting day of every ‘ monotonous irksome week’ . The problem with Monday is, it always comes when the weekend ends. It’s not the day……..instead it’s his locale. Even the realization of Monday makes people nerve-racking and disheartened only because of its position as an ending day of every weekend. Some demand “……Monday bhi ho Sunday sabki maang hai …………Maang hai………..Bolo ji yeh right hai ya wrong hai……Wrong hai…!!” while others announce “I need an extra day after Sunday… can be called NOTFUCKINGREADYFORMONDAY-Day..!!”or plead “I’m not ready for Monday…..can I have another Sunday…….??”
Monday mornings have gotten a stroke of bad luck with them, and understandably so; they are widely condemned.  There’s really nothing fun about getting out of bed at 6:30 a.m. to go to work/school/college…..Right guys?? Tabhi to har dil se awaaz aati hai…..” Main nai jaana, Main nai jaana…..Main nai jaana bistar ko chhod ke…..Khoon choos le tu meraa khoon choos le…..Bloody khooni Monday tu chaahe……..choos le….!!”I can only fantasize to declare Monday a holiday ;only if things were in my hands. To be honest, I, personally, loathe Mondays ( I know very many think the same, but secretly) and that too after you’ve spent the last two days in a mind-blowing weekend in the twilight zone.
 To multiply the pain in the neck, one has to face the prospect of repeating this tiresome routine regularly every morning for the next four days until the next weekend finally knocks again; again bringing in lots of comfort and luxury. So……..”Not sure if I hate Mondays or Mondays hate me”. An unknown author has righteously said…..”Monday is like a math problem. Add the irritation, subtract the sleep, multiply the problems, divide the happiness.”
We all crave for holidays…….no denying to this fact. So we all frequently wonder…….”Why is Monday so far from Friday and Friday so close to Monday……??” Friday means the beginning of the weekend for many. Fridays often create an “appealing impression” of what’s to come in the upcoming days. Confession…confession……confession……..WE ALL WAIT EAGERLY FOR FRIDAYS !! Morover, at one time or the other, we all have entered into the weekend thinking “thank goodness it’s Friday!!”
With Friday arrives our dear Sunday…….THE DAY WE ALL  CHERISH……DAY OF COMFORT…..OF PEACEFULNESS…..OF COZINESS…….in short  “IT’S THE DAY WHICH I CAN COMPLETELY CALL MINE”.  I’m sure we all will agree with  Lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya “…..Sunday hai dildaar…..De ke maiyya ka pyaar……Mujhe loriyaan gaa ke jo sulaaye……!!”
Sadly enough, Monday mornings are a universal truth and an ironic fact of life. Ya,they aren’t even close to amazing, but they aren’t going away anytime soon. And since they’re a part of life, definitely undesirable, we need to accept it and act appropriately. Rather, we should treat Mondays as a new day for new beginnings and fly towards ones dreams and choose to attack Monday and  declare”If Monday had a face I would punch it !!” hahaha!!. Why not take advantage of your ‘drive to work’ as an opportunity to learn something new. An easy way to roll up your sleeves can be ‘enjoy your work’ and create boundaries at work to keep you on task……..eliminate negative relationships and develop the positive ones.  Why not take Mondays as a blessing in disguise to become efficient at your day job so someday you can have your dream job. Don’t be the person who complains about going back to work. Be positive in your daily activities.
To beat such kind temper tantrums over a single day, which works very normal as compared to the other days of the week one needs to create a balance between weekend fun and Mondays just to accept the upcoming Mondays with a warm and fresh thinking. If a person starts taking all the days of weeks equal, then there won’t be any kind of bone of contention about the other days of the week and they would be fairly enough.

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