# Newyork Dreamz- My Story

Hi, I’m Mira. Currently, I am living in New York. I belong to India. I am quite ambitious by nature. I completed my Bachelors in Commerce from Delhi University. Then, I planned to go abroad to pursue my Masters in Business Administration. Owing to my high grades, I got admission in Cornell University – Johnson Graduate School of Management, Ithaca, New York; one of the top B-schools of New York.
Our session started in the month of July. There were students from other countries, specially India. One among them was Rohit. He was THE ONE, And I fell for him ;). Soon our affair started with full swing. And it wasn’t long enough when we decided to shift in together. Time flew with a blink of an eye and soon we were at the juncture of submission of our thesis and convocation. And that day also arrived when we all were celebrating joyously with our PG degrees in our hands.
From there on journey for all of us was different and hence we all needed to decide which path we’d like to choose. I wanted to study further and so did my parents wanted from me. I had already told them about Rohit and our future plans…..and to my expectations; they generously agreed and fully supported me , by only saying…..”…beti tumhari khushi me hi humari khushi hai…..!!” So before any further delay, I joined a college for research. Rohit had no plans to study more so he started looking for a job.
One fine day, I was enjoying my breakfast in front of television, in my flat. Just at that time, Rohit arrived unexpectedly and announced that he finally got a good job. We both, became very happy. It was an occasion to beat the drum and we started to fantasize our dreams regarding our upcoming future. As, I had mentioned earlier, we both wanted to get settled in New York itself. And this was our first step towards achieving our goals. To memorialize the occasion, we arranged a small party and invited our close friends.
Our lives were running smooth and was full of our love and romance and happy moments of togetherness. Everyday which passed was silky and peaceful and took us one step further towards our dreams. One unfortunate day, Rohit came from office and told me that someone has conspired against him and informed his boss that he was not a permanent resident of U.S. and was doing job and living in New York on Student’s Visa…… He also told his boss had, so called him to inquire from him about the same. This landed both of us in a pool of tension. I motivated Rohit and asked him to be optimistic and think positively.
I persuaded Rohit but was myself very anxious and in dismay. Next day, Rohit went to office and was informed that he was fired from the job because of the obvious reasons. Rohit started his search for job, again, but everywhere he met disappointment only. No one was ready to give him work on Student’s Visa…….which was also going to expire soon. So now, we were left with only two choices……..the first takes…….Rohit back to India and the second one……if anyhow Rohit gets the permanent resident ship of U.S. From my side, neither I could not imagine Rohit going back to India……which meant getting separated and living without each other, nor could I go back to India with him. I desired to settle in U.S., with my Rohit.
We both were mentally stressed out thinking what to do. Then only, a thought occurred to me, why not get Rohit a permanent resident ship by getting him married (a fake one)…….and only on papers ( to bluff the ministry), to some U.S. citizen. Thereafter, he can divorce that lady. I shared the idea with Rohit. Initially, he got very upset with it but still I knew somewhere that I’ll be able to convince Rohit……..’itna confidence to tha hi khud pe.’ Anyways, all said and done……..the biggest problem remained…to find such girl who’ll be ready for a fake marriage.
 At that moment, I was reminded of Suzan, who was a permanent resident of U.S. and was a struggling actor and was always in need of money. I made a deal with her……….asking her to marry my boyfriend, only officially, for which I’ll pay her a monthly salary. To my delight, she agreed. And in no time, I got Rohit married, to Suzan. I loved Rohit and had always wanted to marry him………..but because of the undue circumstances, had made Suzan, Rohit’s wife………be it on papers only. I had created this whole mess only to convert my irrational fantasy , into a reality.
 Few months passed……..we all three were happy in our respective lives……Rohit and me together and susan in her theater. Slowly slowly, I started developing insecurity against Suzan and soon became jealous of her, regarding Rohit. Oftentimes, Rohit tried to assure me that he loves me only and was loyal to me………but I was getting lost into my own world of doubts. Rohit and me started having disputes, on daily basis and the reason behind each of our nasty fights was, Suzan and only Suzan. As a result, gradually Rohit drifted away from me and my love ……and closer to Suzan.
Today, I’m going back to India after my break-up with Rohit. Now he wants to live his life with his loving wife, Suzan. As of now, I’m bare-handed and all done and finished. I ran behind my materialistic dreams and destroyed my whole life, with my own hands. Today, I’m left with no love and peace in my life. Talking of my present state, I’m only left with regret and despair and only one word………”KASH….!!.” Now I can only hope……….I hope I would have agreed to Rohit and went back to India and settled there with him…….I hope Rohit wouldn’t have had granted me my wish to stay in U.S, and had never married Suzan……..I just hope I wouldn’t have had taken such a big risk for my love…….but as they say……’ What is the use of repenting now when the bird has eaten the harvest !!’
It’s good to see dreams but never blindly, on the cost of our love, family and friends. Sometimes, we go far beyond our limits and away from everyone and everything to make our dreams come true. Ultimately, we end up as LOSERS……losing our love, life and everything.
Written by – Dr Chandini Gupta
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