# Fitness After 30s

In today’s maddening race of managing your family and your professional life, women often tend to neglect themselves. In taking care of everyone around us we forget to take care of ourselves. Common ladies its wake up call, get selfish and give some time for you.

1) Healthy lifestyle
healthy-living-avoid-fatty-foods (1).png
Don’t diet but just switch to healthy food. Time to replace those oils, ghee and starchy foods with olive oils and low calorie butters. Try and maximize microwave cooking for retaining food value and low calorie.

2) Walking
Many of us are too lazy for joining gym or doing exercise, so just grab your shoes and your phone or your grocery bag. 30 minutes of walking everyday will boost your energy levels, refresh your mind and will keep your heart healthy. Walking can be done while making those phone calls to your friends, while taking kids for park to play or just go to farthest shop for buying grocery. In this manner walking becomes fun rather than exercise. It’s also best way to give you break from your monotonous routine. For those ladies who have 9 to 9 office routine, just move around your floor after every hour and also stretch urn legs and arms for few seconds while working. Ditch that lift and walk those stairs,

3) Eat healthy
Make fruits and salads your best friend and eat them thrice everyday. When hungry grab nuts like almonds, walnuts, raisins, flax seeds .These are rich in omega 3, proteins and fibers and help in weight management. They make you feel fuller for longer time.

4) Water
Drink at least 3 litres of water. It helps in flushing out toxins from our body and helps in preventing any genitals infections

5) Avoid sugar
Wither we are in office or home, tea is best and maximum consumed beverage. Since oats difficult to avoid best is to have it without sugar. Single cup of tea with sugar amounts to 34 calories while same one without sugar is equal to 17 calorie. So which one you want make the correct choice

6) Cheat days
After long and hectic weekdays, we all look forward for fun on weekends. Best way to do that is by forgetting everything and just aim to have fun. Remember you can cheat yourself on weekends. So just grab those donuts or burgers if you feel like.

7) Pamper yourself
Feeling good is very important. Beauty is all internal .if we are beautiful inside it reflects outside, so ladies time to feel good and pampered. Take up appointment and go pamper yourself in spa and salon. It will refresh your mind and you will be so relaxed. Forget all your worries at home and enjoy your alone time at saloons.

8) Shopping
Last but least go shopping FOR YOU…..We all have heard about shopaholics and females are born shopaholics. Wither we are sad or happy shopping is best mood swinger. So just go SHOPPING

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Written by – Samriti

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