# My First Love


Hi  I am Priya and today I will share my love story with you all. It all started when I entered my medical college. Gosh coming from girl’s school  I was bit shy and nervous. On my  first day everyone was staring me and calling me Himalayan beauty.as i am  fair and beautiful .I was lucky for  not being ragged by my seniors but they all were kind of helpful and extra sweet. You  know how it is, basic funda of flirting. When I entered my class and i made friends with Anu , kind of cool one and she  soon introduced me to her gang. By day end I was part of kewl group with four boys and we too girls. I felt happy and relaxed. Days passed on and soon I started enjoying my college life with everyone pampering me except this one friend Raj. He was kind of cool dude and somehow I always had ego clash with him. Then came fresher’s day and I was miss fresher’s and he became Mr Fresher.                                                                                                                                           Soon I was flooded with proposals but my heart was not ready for any of them. In spite of our ego clashes  I had this strange feeling for Raj, he always showed as if I didn’t mattered to him. But I knew he was hiding something .then came this college trip which turned out to be starting point for my  love life. We were all excited except for Raj , everone tried to  coax him but he was adamant . I got irritated and said to all let it be , let’s all enjoy and let him be alone . To this he gave me smile which i later understood. When I came back, I got biggest surprise of my life.                                                                                                                                                                       He came to receive us and proposed me… I was taken aback and my heart instantly said yes. May be it was all fights we had , that had ignited this love between us .Everything was all happy and our puppy love was on full bloom .We used to roam around on his Harley Davidson and he proudly introduced to everyone “she is my girl” . Aah I love that feeling just like prince and princess. Girls were jealous as he was handsome dude and one of the most flirt guys in town but he had promised me that I was the one who changed his life forever. He would bang anyone who was bit rude to me. My life was like a true fairy tale. He soon introduced me to his family and  they all accepted me warmly. We were waiting for our college to get over so as to begin our lives together.                                                                                                   But destiny had something else stored for both us. In our final semester he got badly sick and was not able to take exams. We all cleared and got our internships but he was left behind. Being topper throughout he couldn’t take this well and got into depression .I tried my best to motivate him but depression is silent killer. He told me to continue my intern ship as he will be fine soon and need some time alone . With heavy heart I left him and soon got most worst news of life . He commited suicide and wrote a note saying forgive me, please move on . Why did i leave him ,why did he he do that , was this fate of my love story  some unanswered questions haunting me till date .                           I have moved on in my life but my first love has left deep impression in my heart . I still feel  him in my everyheart beat and remember every date , first cuddle , first kiss ..all just like yesterday ..

Where ever you are , i still love you Written by  Samriti


4 thoughts on “# My First Love

  1. True love story. Tragic though also reminds me of a song ‘ now you’re gone still my love for you was strong. Now I miss you everyday with the pictures hanging on the wall.


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