# An Unfortunate Mother – MY STORY



Trust is a very important thing, life without trust is impossible. You have to trust your parents, brother, sister, wife, friends colleagues and children.

I have heard many stories of how a wife, friend, children or parents are being deceived or have deceived.

Once a mother who was a widow was always aspiring to see her only son who had settled in U.S got a phone from his son that he was coming to india, to take her along with him as he was always worried about her. When he came she was overwhelmed and made all his favorite dishes, the son showed great affection for his mother and requested to sell her house of Delhi and stay with him, the mother unwilling agreed.

Hurriedly the house was sold to the family who was on rent in half the portion of the house, when the deed was done the son got the cheque he took his mother to the airport and asked her to wait till he could do the other formalities.

The obedient mother kept on sitting from morning till night waiting for his son to return without eating or drinking but the son did not return.

The next day the staff inquired the lady and informed her that her son had already taken the flight and left her mother.

I just want to know, Is money more important than mother.

Will karma punish the son ? I am just hoping it will play its role.

Written by – Asha Gupta

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2 thoughts on “# An Unfortunate Mother – MY STORY

  1. He is in exile in pursuance of material thing but he lost the dearest thing in one’s life. He will spend his entire life remorseful.


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