To do list when your toddler sleeps


Yups that true for every baby and her mom .Motherhood is experience with its own pros and cons. Joy of little one laughing and cuddling you takes you to cloud 9. Kids laughter is best sound in world. We all become supermom with responsibility of child, household, husband and lastly yourself and sometimes you feel time is running away and all your chores are still not done. Suddenly. I had never thought this stage would get more difficult with every growing day. When my baby was small she used to cry all the time and I had sleepless nights .that time  I used to think that  when will she grow up and now when she started crawling my life seems full of perils. With every passing day my little one is ready to throw more challenges, making it harder for me every day. When they are up playing and laughing it gives u pleasure and contentment but frankly we all love them sleeping so that we can get back to our work. Here is list to do list.

  1. Take bath                                                                                                             cBathing is almost impossible with little ones around. They will play with water and always have risk of falling off on slippery tiles.offcourse we don’t want any injury.
  2. Kitchen                                                                                                  tBest time to finish off your cooking as when they are up, our one eye is on them and other one in kitchen. I have burnt food many times as my lo distracted me too much by throwing boxes here and there on floor
  3. Eating food                                                                                   vAs your toddler starts eating solids, he will eye for everything you put into your mouth. If you want to eat in peace, eat when they sleep.
  4. Personal grooming                                                                    bAhh we all need some relaxation after running after them day and night .but off course if they are up we can’t do anything. So add this to your list to keep yourself rejuvenated.
  5. Watching movie                                                                               n                                                                                                                                                                         U want to watch your favourite movie or TV serial but with little one moving around it’s not possible , so make best of time when lo is sleeping
  6. Social calls                                                                                   y                                                                                                                                                                         One thing we all can’t live without is phone. Even these lo are addicted to them. They will snatch it from you or will scream forcing you to give in their demands. For me best time to call when she is sleeping.
  7. Reading newspaper                                                                                       iI always loved reading newspaper with my morning cuppa of tea. But now thanks to my lo, I have to give up this habit. Little toddlers have some kind of fantasy for newspaper so beware they will tear it into pieces making it impossible for you to read.
  8. Nap                                                                                         kLast but not least is sleep .Ahhh we all need it, many says sleep when your baby sleeps but with above list taking nap comes at last. That 15 minutes nap is sufficient to charge our body.


No doubt I love when she is playing around, pulling my hair, screaming with joy but still at times I want her to sleep. I am sorry for being selfish baby buy mommy got to work also…








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