# Arranged Marriage- My Story

Hi, I am Rashmi. I am 27 year old now. This is my story and it happened with me when I was 22 years and had just completed my graduation. My hometown is Kanpur. My parents had arranged my wedding to a renowned business person of Lucknow. I had met the boy only once when he with his family had came to Kanpur.Our wedding ceremony had to take place within next one month.
So all the preparations went into fast forward mode and we all waited for the wedding day, eagerly. Finally MY D DAY arrived. Like every normal girl,my heart was throbbing. I was able to hear my heart beats in my ears……..I was so very excited.
Finally, the baraat arrived at the decided time. Following it, all the customs and rituals took place the proper way………The JAIMAAL was the most pleasant of all. It was both customary and fun-filled. The MANDAP VIDHIS and PHERES followed. Then came the most witty custom………..JUTA CHURAI….. I didn’t had any sister so my friends and cousins did the job and that too with full heart.
Coming next, was the hardest of all……..the BIDAI. It’s painful yet THE MOST BEAUTIFUL moment of the wedding. This precious moment embarks the bride’s journey into her new life, on her own. Some brides smile through it with teary eyes while others burst out into tears, and I belong to this category. So things were not easy for me and also my loving parents. But we had to follow the ironic custom of the society .
Leaving my parents home…………now “MY MAIYAKA” …….I reached MY SASURAL” I was welcomed by one and all. My in-laws and my hubby’ cousins had planned a ablazing show in my welcome. Then we all retired to our rooms and my hubby’s room was introduced to me. Some of his cousins, teased me for my first night. Eventually,everyone left with me waiting for my husband…….full of excitment and palpitations….thinking and dreaming with smile about all that was to come.
 Finally,  after one hour , he came. When he came, he greeted me with a friendly smile. Soon we became friends and we chatted two close buddies revealing their secrets to each other. I thought it was a good start but I was wrong. Within seconds all my dreams shattered when Rahul told me that he loved some other girl and wanted to marry her but not able to do so due to unfortunate circumstances. Then he wished me ‘goodnight’ and went to sleep on the couch but I wasn’t able to. The whole night I kept wondering what was my fault.
Next morning, was even more challenging for me when he told me that he wanted a divorce from me. He told me he can’t ask for it because his family won’t allow and if he’ll still then his family will disown him ,so asked me to do it and ask for  divorce. This was worse than a night-mare. But this was my life now. I tried to convince him to at least give me a chance to prove myself but he remarked that he loved that another girl a lot and can do anything for ‘her’. He excepted that what he was doing was unethical and not justified but he had to do so since he was doing it for his ‘love’.
He told me he has planned everything and asked me to inform everyone that I can’t conceive and can’t get pregnant,and don’t want to deceive my husband and his family, so I want a divorce. He told me that he’ll confirm my confession with a report from a gynecologist.
I had no choice but to give him what he wanted and we got separated. Soon after our divorce he married that girl he claimed to love. Here, my parents also got me married to my childhood friend, Vishal. It’s been 4 years since I got married to Vishal. Today we are very happy and have a small kid .I guess my marriage to Rahul was my life’s examination  conducted by Almighty above and I passed it with flying colors…as a result The Lord granted me all my wishes and happiness.
I was very happy in my life……after few days I came to know about Rahul and his wife that they can’t have a child. Because of it Rahul’s wife has gone into depression and  is mentally not well.When I came to know about all this,I felt very bad for Rahul. When I told Vishal about it….he said that God is fair and has finally done justice.
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Written By-  Dr Chandini Gupta

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