# “ Dad , my first love my forever hero …”

“Greatest  gift I ever had ,  came from god  and I call him DAD ..”

I love my dad and i am apple of his eyes. Same applies for my daughter; my husband starts his day playing with her and ends his day cuddling her. As time passes by my daughter has become his weakness. Mother daughter bond is natural but i always admire this amazing bond between dad and daughter. If daughters and mothers are best friends, then daughters and dad are super best friends. Today’s dads are more crazy about their daughters, they enjoy playing baseball with them, will love swimming with them or take them for cycling. This is the most beautiful relationship in girl’s life. Our dad is our idol and we would do anything for them. I still remember holding my dad’s finger when i first started walking. Dads will never let their angel fall, they always stand one step behind us, to catch us when we are about to fall. . He will always encourage me to overcome my fears. Today I am mother of a daughter but for my dad I’m still the one who spilled coffee on his favorite shirt.

This beautiful relationship has various shades of love and affection.

1) Possessive
All Done
Yaa right all dad are super possessive about their angels, no matter how big we grow we will always be silly little girl for them. You will always hear them saying it’s late come early, take care of your health

2) I am Ur 911
Your husband may be by your side but still he is your 911. Your emergency contact number.

3) Will still give u birthday gifts
Green Waterfall Bow
No matter how old grow he will still celebrate your b day and surprise u with gifts.

4) Role of agony aunt
He will always be there to guide you be it investment or personal, who says u need agony aunt when Ur dad is there

5) His shoulder to cry on
You will always find his shoulder to cry on. While you are crying on his shoulder he would also be crying silently.

6) Jealous of Ur male friends
He will scrutinize all your male friends and keep an eye on them. He will also give you constant advice to stay away from some of them

7) Will cry silently our wedding
No one will see but dads cry when their little angels get married and always show smile on their face to bid happy farewell to their daughter.

8) Will act like army general to our husband
LTG William Boykin
Being first man in our life he will pass on instructions to our husbands for taking proper care of us.

Daddy u rock , what would I be without you ….

Written by – Samriti
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