#10 Secrets Of Happy Relationship

Ohh they are made for each other, they are still very much in love …… don’t we make these statements when we see a happy couple around us. Making a relationship warm, affectionate and loving doesn’t require expensive solitaires or flowers, it’s just little things we do spell that magic. I have listed some tips to spread everlasting magic of love in couples.

1) Communicate
Communication is the key to happy life. It’s not about how long we communicate it’s about what we communicate. Make sure to talk to each other for at least 10 minutes in a day. The conversation should only be about yourself and not how your day was. It’s very important as it enlightens each other about ones feeling and thoughts.

2) Do little things
As said action speaks louder than words, so your little gestures of making bed tea, or cleaning utensils, doing laundry etc. can make huge difference in your relationship. These little gestures display your unsaid care and love for your partner.

3) Discuss things with each other
Discussions are always healthy and fruitful. You should discuss big matters like investments, or vacation planning, buying new furniture etc. with your spouse. It doesn’t matter who takes the final call but it’s important to listen to others opinion too.

4) Replay your honeymoon
Majority of us get busy in our lives and forget those charming days of initial love. Plan a romantic dinner or trip to romantic place. Surprise your partner with flowers and do something which you did at the time of marriage

5) Physical intimacy
Happy couple!
Having physical intimacy is very important try and hold each others hand while strolling ,kiss each other good bye, on waking up and before each other… tiny little kiss has everlasting impressions on our hearts. Cuddle each other as much possible and keep your love ignited.

6) Appreciate each other
Another important tip is to appreciate each other to make them feel they are special in your life. It can be for little things like the way she decorates house or way he cooks. You should speak up to remind your partner about your care.

7) Share passion
Your partner may be passionate about something but you don’t have interest in it. But be a little sport and sit with him, listen to him and join him in. This increases your bond with each other. You should take turns in supporting each others passion which maybe any sports adventure, choice of movies  etc. This way you will understand each other more.

8) Keep promises
“Promise breaker is shoe maker “. Don’t be that shoemaker in your relationship. Promise those things that can be fulfilled. It’s always better to say I will try rather than I will do it. Failing to keep your word destroy trusts in relationship.

9) Respect each other
When we give respect we get respect, treating your loved one with respect will earn you the same. Don’t shying in saying I love you.

10) Don’t Expect Change in your partner
Every individual is different and we can’t change somebody. Try and accept your partner the way he is, because when you expect change you will also have to change. Stop changing each other.

Including these tips in our relationship may not be easy, but if we maintain our efforts fruits will be sweet

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Written by – Samriti Bhushan
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