# 10 Best excuses for coming late to office

Ohh weekend is over again, start of another slogging week. This is common feeling among all. After relaxing weekend, Monday seems like big examination day for us. Most difficult task is to get up on time. gosh I want to sleep more ……….let that alarm snooze I can’t miss that 5 minute extra sleep … in catching that precious extra sleep we often get late to work. On our way to office our mind is busy framing excuses for coming late. hmm this is good no this one is better and this tussle between thoughts continues till we reach office. there are many excuse which are given by employers to their bosses some are really funny …lets glance through them .

1) Maid was on unannounced leave.
Our life today is dependent on maids, we do everything to please them. It’s common in every house hold. Best excuse for female is maid had not come so everything had to be managed .this excuse comes with tiring facial expression. For sure this excuse is top sympathy gainer.

2) Kid was uncontrollable
Ruben & Lucia
Another hot excuse is about your kid throwing tantrums. Off course your child is your priority and you need to pacify him. Your boss will understand, its human nature they also have kids.

3) Traffic sucks
Blame it traffic, it works! It’s most common excuse for office goers.

4) Car broke down
broken-down-car_100344753_l (1).jpg
This excuse covers wide range of issues be it flat tyre, battery problem, engine issue…. its most common excuse used by employees

5) Surprise visit by in laws
My in-laws gave surprise, bet you everybody is scared of their in laws 😉

6) I got injured
If nothing is working then hurt yourself, for female sit’s very easy blame it on menstrual cramps, or that slippery bathroom floor. Girls you will get that sympathy looks

7) Dealing with pets
Their ears… and their whiskers … and their noses
If you are pet lover and so is your boss then make pet your excuse. My pet was not well had to show it to doctor …

8) Spouse was not well
Suddenly your spouse was not well, so you had to spend some time with him. Your boss will definitely understand

9) Caught by police
With the interesting reason you can say you were caught by police for no reasons. The traffic guy just wanted some money so he pulled to aside and  you had long argument before you were finally free .

10) Was not able to find house keys
With kids in your house it’s valid for keys to get misplaced, blame it on notorious kids running and hiding things in house.

These are some of most common and weird reason that we all use when gets late to work. If you can think about some other excuses please write in comment box  🙂

Written by – Samriti Bhushan


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