#8840 10 funny excuses you can make to avoid playing

WOW!! Holi hai…..It’s Holi time !! In the thick of many festivals this country solemnizes, Holi is the one that catches eye. The festival of colours is long awaited by young and old alike. ‘Holi aayi re kanhaayi rang barsein………..suna de zara bansuri………!!’ The auspious colours are sprinkled throughout the nation. The whole atmosphere is smeared in gulal. Holi may be designated as one of the most buoyant festival round the year,in India.
The effervescence and lightheartedness of this carnival of colours makes it hard for anyone to deprecate this ceremony let alone stay indoors during this commemoration. Am I right guys? Nopes !! Indian folks may have a decent percentage of Holi lovers, but there are also individuals who would prefer to relax inside, safely behind locked doors, playing on a laptop/mobile and consider the day only as a holiday.
Not everyone gets a kick out of this merriment. One in every five people find playing around Holi crummy and tiresome while for others playing with strangers seems an intrusion into their privacy. For those who fear balloons, grease, colours and their effects, there are many excuses that they propose; which may help to save them from the very excited Holi-lover singing “Haan aaj na chhodenge bas humjoli………..Khelenge hum holi……. khelenge hum holi…..” For those (who want to refrain from colours), it’s ‘bura na maano ……holi hai’ and so they bring forth many logical/illogical fish stories to defend them against colours.
Here’s a list of typical excuses that mostly people use to shield themselves on Holi :
Most commonly guys utter nonsense” I’m heading for an important interview which will decide my future. So please…spare me friends….only for sometime……..I’ll return and hum log tab khoob holi khelenge ” and it’s said with a very innocent look like they will return once they got a chance to escape.
Frequently, elderly people safeguard themselves from water and colors by a very strict presentation saying……”If you will throw colors on me , I will cast a deadly curse on you and you will never get married. So just go away.”
images (1)
Now, several folks come up with lecture on pollution and wastage of water in large quantity. And give the teaching to conserve water and it’s natural resources. They think of preserving water and its resources, on Holi only.
Females, as usual use their ‘all time hit excuse’ of periods and say aloud; not feeling embarrassed on this day, specifically ,”I am on Periods. Excuse me please.”
 Day 59, Project 365 - 12.18.09


Some claim to be suffering from contagious disease like cold or skin disorder and add “……dekh lo. Tum rang lagalo magar uske baad tumhe koi daane nikalte hain ya koi problem hoti hai toh mujhse mat kehna”
images (2)
A handful of them buildup the rumor about their health and say “Last year mujhe kissi ne rang lagaya tha……….uske baad se hi muhje asthma ki problem  ho gayi hai”

don’t let the darkness eat you up
Majority of extra-obsessed females complain about the chemicals in colours and the adverse effects they will cause on their skin and hair.They retaliate “……..OMG!! mere baal…inn colours se kharaab ho jayenge………..and isse mere rashes bhi ho jaate hain…..so main colour nahi khelungi”


Few tend to judge the weather and boast about cold. They proclaim “…..mausam thanda ho raha hai……..Avoid water….na paani se khelo na hi kissi pe dalo…….warna sardi ho jayegi”


Before and after Holi photos: @alithek and me in fancy white clothes

Now here comes couple of females who refrain from playing holi by announcing “…..I play Holi wearing white clothes only. And I don’t have any in my wardrobe at present, so no Holi this time.”


” I’m suffering from diarrhoea…..so pata nahi ki holi khelne ke stress and pressure me kya kya nikal jaaye……” some bypass the line of reasoning and defend themselves by  silliest of excuses.
So if you want to sneak away from colours this Holi……..then why not just try any of the above mentioned coverups……..And if they prove to be null and void……then just surrender and play Holi, like a freak and enjoy !!
Written by- Dr Chandini Gupta

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