#8842 Mallayagate- Latest Sensation


Once a king always a king, Vijay mallya known as the king of good times is undoubtedly still the king of his times. With country declaring him an absconder, a tax defaulter and media hounding him day-in and day-out, he still is enjoying wine in his luxurious villa at London. What a life and cheers to his spirit. Best known for his flamboyant nature, he is still popular across the world. From being a Casanova he has become the most wanted man in India.


We can compare him to Vijay of don movie “ Vijay ko 12 countries Ki police doond rahi hai, but is Vijay ko 12 banks key CEOs dhoond rahe hain “ according to the sources mallya is facing legal proceedings for defaulting 9000cr loans from various banks. In addition to this, he is also a culprit of his employees for not paying their salaries. With people shouting slogans and asking him answers, he is still in silent mode. It seems our liquour baron has got bored of his lifestyle and has moved into solace. With being hot topic everywhere and with so many unanswered questions he still remains quiet and his only comment is “no comment”


We should not forget to applaud our police who was busy in catching helmet-less people on streets while Vijay mallya quietly escaped. Now bringing him back to India is an Herculean task. Our government has taken years to bring dawood in India and still they are trying. We can imagine the fate of Mr Vijay mallya , inko pakadana mushkil hi nahin namumkin hai.

Source Image : Google



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