#8844 Sale Sale ! Is it true


Every coin has two sides, so does every product, one is marketing and other is sales ….

Remember the times when we visited local grocery stores for our daily needs, it was always quick and to the point. With coming of big super markets like hyper city, big bazaar, more, smart etc. shopping has becomes more fun. These markets can be considered as mini malls as they provide you with everything under one roof. In today’s time with more spending power, consumer is more lured to these malls as compared to our local kirana shop. In order to beat these market, Kiryana will give also loyalty discounts, home delivery etc. but still we prefer to make these markets as our weekend destination.

These markets have tremendous footfall due to their lucrative schemes like clearance sale, old exchange, various festival sale, and tremendous other discount. But the question arises are we really getting that discount..? . And the answer is nope’s. It’s a great myth, by offering discount they increase their customer purchase and sell out more stock. It’s their marketing strategy to trap customer in lucrative offers and then sell their products. How do we get hooked to their tricks?

If you know these then you will save.

1) Smell is so good.
When you walk past those bakery stands, the smell of freshly baked muffins will definitely make you buy those. In addition to these, they also keep small taster for you. Again even if it’s not on your list if u likes it u will buy it.

2) Display
They make their entrance appealing with beautiful decoration to take that sneak peak. Once you enter you definitely find it easy to pick up the organised stuff which is well displayed. Colorful display of fresh fruits, vegetables, milk cheese, and ice cream will make you drool.

3) Offers
Buy 1, Get 1 Free
Offers like buy 1 get 1 free tempt you to add that unnecessary stuff. It’s a great thumb up for them as that product goes into your shopping trolley.

4) Candy’s for kids
Whirly Pop
They always keep candy’s at billing counter and also at lower racks so that you kid can see them and then go crazy to buy it as we all know we can’t say no to kids

5) Basic essentials

They have a trick of stacking some not so necessary goods with basic essential things to get them noticed by you like if you are picking up jam you will also notice peanut butter and if you pick it then it’s their win again.

6) Discount cards
BiTE Card
Your wallet will be full of these and you may feel happy when you get points on those cards. But hey that’s trap for your next visit. Another thumb’s up for them.

7) Maze like lay out
Pre-Packaged Bread/Peanut-Butter Department
Stores are designed like a maze for you to get lost and then keep looking around at their display. This will tempt you to pick up more stuff and you will definitely spend more time in store.

Now when you know their trick, Guys be a smart shopper and don’t be their prey

Source: Google Images

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