#8845 Unfair is beautiful

“Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and a pretty soul.”


If these words are true then why do we always find a fair girl as pretty? No doubt how much progress we have made but still we judge people by their looks. Isn’t it unfair, why this discrimination on basis of colour. Very popular example of this discrimination is our matrimonial ads, if you happen to check out one you will see “fair and beautiful match required”. Why this statement, fairness is not an index of beauty. God has created different shades of human skin just like different shades of nature around us. Instead of being proud of one, these remarks lower self-esteem. Colour discrimination is more prominent in girls as compared to boys.

How can products like fairness cream measure a girl’s success with her fairness quotient? Their advertisements truly depict poor mentality of people around us. If dark, tall and handsome holds true for boys then why not dark, tall and beautiful for girls? In order to fight this discrimination, 21 year old student of Texas University started this campaign “unfair is beautiful” and it has gained popularity all across world. We Asians are worst sufferers of this biasness. Now this campaign has also gained momentum in India.

Our society is already fighting against various discrimination factors like caste, race etc. lets not add one more to this list. Why let our skin colour affects our confidence. No one has right to make judgement about us. We are what we are and yes we are beautiful. Com’on girls lets prove those filthy minds wrong and show them what you got. Thousands of girls have already connected with this campaign by sharing their story.


Let’s all join hands and say “dark is beautiful “. I am supporter of this thought and if you also agree with me then like my post and spread the message across.

Source: Google Images

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