#8846 Funny Indian Excuses For Getting Married

‘Marriage is the potential for an intense, deep and diverse intimacy.’
In other words, Marriage is about loving and sharing…..your complete self…. still maintaining your individuality.
Some may think its not necessary to get married at all. There have been and are women like Sarojni Naidu, Lata Mangeshkar, Sushmita Sen, Mayawati, Mamta banerjee etc. who became so successful and never got married. You may say they never felt the need for the same. Life isn’t just about getting married.
Normally, you see a person, get interested and then start liking each other and when you are in love, the thought of marriage crosses your mind. But there are more things required for a marriage. Trust, for instance, and the belief that he is the right person for you. And, as they say “LOVE BEFORE MARRIAGE IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY”, people should marry following this ‘saying’ and not anything else. This should always be the reason behind marriage…..I think if something gives your heart peace n satisfaction, then only you should go for it.But not in India.On the contrary, in this country, all you need is an excuse. Mostly people get married for sense of security, social pressure,emotional dependence,fear of loneliness, but these are wrong reasons.
Specially, the Indian parents and elderly relatives come up with the most absurd reasons to get their children hitched.
Don’t get me wrong.
A marriage is a very important occasion in a girl’s life in India but that doesn’t mean Indian girls don’t need a valid reason for marriage.

Here are some of the weirdest reasons, every Indian girl is given, that leads to a big fat Indian wedding:

1) ‘ 4 log sunenge toh kya kahenge….unhone abhi tak apni beti ki shaadi nahi ki…’
I want to know…..’kaun hain ye 4 log’

2) Age factor……age is increasing with each passing day……which means your biological clock is ticking away. This is right age for you to marry and go for a baby before 30. Join the list of married people.

3) You are done with your school….College…. and studies. You have pursued your career enough…..now you are not left with anything….go get married.


4) All your friends are getting married……you should also look towards getting married.

5) Oh!!  You getting bored and don’t have anything to do……its time you should marry.
New Picture (5)1.jpg

6) Some parents go to the heights of emotional atyaachaar…..’humari izzat mitti me milaogi kya……log keh reh hai ladki me hi aib hoga…..tabhi iski shaadi nahi ho rahi hai’.
Please say Yes for marriage.
CAKXP1eUQAA8EA0-450x270 (1)

7) We want to be free from our ‘responsibilities’. You should get married.


8) Younger one is also in the row…we have to get her/him married as well and that too at the right age. Because of you,younger sibling is waiting.

ridiculous-reasons-why-indian-parents-want-their-kids-married-652x400-12-1448536348 (1).jpg

9) Late marriage means you’ll start your family late.And late pregnancy means, pregnancy full of complications. Think about your future kids. At what age, you’ll play with your son/daughter. What age you’ll be when you get them settled. Have you thought about it.

Its right time, you should get married.
New Picture (7)1.jpg

10)  You should say yes this time…… Bahut accha rishta hai.Ladka foreign se padh ke aaya hai and he is into a nice job…..owns a Bungalow and an Audi.If you say no, you’ll regret whole life

Wow!! Ye toh jackpot hai…..Literally……..limits!!
New Picture (1)2.jpg

11) You are immature and irresponsible and dont know anything .

After marriage you will learn how to……Shaadi ke baad logo mein reponsibility aa hi jati hai.’Girl !! You should get married.
My question is……. how marriage teaches maturity and responsibility ? That can be learnt anytime…….even before marriage…….. Can it be not!!
New Picture (2)1.jpg

12) Com’on get married!!……’ Your grand-parents are now in their last stage and would like to see you getting married  and it was also your great-grandparents’ last wish.’ Please give me a break!!…

13) ‘Thought of world tour.Shaadi kar lo, plan your honeymoon abroad and make it grand.’ Girls not allowed to travel across the globe,alone. Their husband is a must. And here,I, thought visa and passport are all that is required.

‘What if I get married after few years……..won’t it be forever.’
I say if any marriage is based on trust n love….it’ll be forever. It’s not age dependent.
So……let us girls think……… Are these reasons convincing enough to get trapped and  tie a knot!!

Source: Google Images, Filmygyan 



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