#8847 Because I am a GIRL: Why It’s Hard Being A Girl In India

                                                          People love to have “mother”

                                                          People love to have “wife”

                                                          People love to have “sister”

                                                          People love to have “girlfriend” too,

Then why not a “daughter”?

This question strikes every girl’s mind but has no answers. When role of a female is so important in our world then why do we crib on the birth of a girl? Why don’t we accept her happily with our open arms?

It has been declared officially now, that India is a dangerous place for baby-girls. Recent data shows that 75% of baby girls aged between 1-5 yrs are more prone to death than boys. Simultaneously, most of the world is facing drop in female to male ratio. Why is this happening? How can we save girls? All these questions are not just for debates or speech.

Stages of injustice for girl

  • Childhood

INDIA_(F)_0124_-_National_Day_of_the_Girl_Child2.jpgSince childhood she is taught to compromise on things be iota her favorite toy, food or school. All her decisions are taken by somebody else without even knowing her desires and wishes.

  • Youth

TM74-Alia-Bhatt-Fabulous-Yellow-Cotton-Resham-Embroidery-Work-Salwar-Kameez-800x1100This stage is even more difficult for girls, as more restrictions are imposed on her. She has to be careful in choosing her friends. She is always taught to behave properly, dress adequately etc. as she has to get married. Sometimes, girls even compromised on their studies just to please rigid thoughts of people.

  • Married female

aishwarya-rai-rajasthani-bride-red-saree-jewelry-kundan-net-lehenga-jodhaa-akbar-maarwadi.jpgThis phase is a big turning-cycle for girls. She leaves her home, her parents to enter a new house with new family. But are we lucky enough? Maximum girls are expected to adjust to new ways and rules of her new family. Not everybody care for her likes and desires, but she is expected to please everyone. If she want to pursue her career, she still have to struggle to seek permission. As her husband is earning well, and she is expected to do all household chores.

  • Mother

secondary-infertility-clomid-success-rate-resent-husband-16852When she enters the next phase of her life, she is loaded with orthodox opinions for giving birth to a boy. Why is she blamed for everything? Its basic science gender is decided by male sperm and not by female egg. Thanks to the old school of thoughts; girls have become a punching bag for everyone. No matter whose fault it is, she is to be blamed.

Do we ever wonder what a girl feels about her life? Do we ever have patience to listen to her? Do we ever thank her for playing all these roles so well? In our lives we come across so many females who have faced so much injustice in their lives, but still their spirits are high and they move on.


The Girl Child

We don’t want any money; but just a little appreciation can do wonders. Whether it is a wife or a mother, only a single smile and thank you will mean the world to her

Source: Google Images


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