#8848 Bollywood films banned in pakistan/list of indian films banned in pakistan

Movies…..yeah!! Movies, the most popular and the chief source of entertainment. Personally speaking, I’m myself a big fan of hindi movies. Although one may say, today’s hindi cinema lacks a lot……be it storyline, script or music……and I have to agree…….to an extent.

Anyway, be it anything and anytime, Indians Movies have no comparison, whatsoever. Undoubtedly, Indian movies have their own charm. Few among the Indian movies are extraordinary and leave their impressions on the footprints of time and get globally popular. But there are few exceptions also and as it’s said ‘exceptions never obey the rule’ and some lies in the category where the movie is popular only in India. They not even get a chance to be popular in our neighbourhood……..to be specific….Pakistan .These movies not even get released there.

It might be due some political disputes social issues or some controversies. Talking of recent times,(despite of the craze of Indian cinema in Pakistan), some Indian movies were banned in Pakistan.

Indian movies that were banned  in Pakistan, in the past few years, are:

1) Neerja(2016) –neerjaa.jpgA biographical thriller film, produced by Atul Kasbekar and written by Saiwyn Quadras, and directed by Ram Madhvani starring Shabana Azmi and Shekhar Ravjiani and Sonam Kapoor as the lead,the chief attendant named Neerja Bhanot. The film is based on the hijacking of Pan Am Flight 73 in Karachi, Pakistan on 5 September 1986 and the bravery of Neerja Bhanot who prevented the plane from taking off, which resulted in the lives of 360 hostages being saved. Pakistan film industry is of the opinion that the film portrays ‘a wrong image of Pakistan.’

2) Baby(2015)-
babyAkshay Kumar starrer ‘BABY’ was also met with the same fate and was banned in Pakistan as Pakistan Censor Board feels that the film is anti-muslim, since all the negative characters in the film “had Muslim names”. Pakistan also found the film to be offensive

3) Lahore (2010)-
lahore.jpgLahore movie is an Indo-Pakistan sports drama and did not gain access in Pakistan because our neighbour thinks it contains ‘some objectionable scenes and dialogue’ which can adversely effect the peace process initiated by two countries.

4) Ek tha tiger(2012) –
ekYes!! this one also,  was banned in Pakistan. Kabir Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger is all about the issues revolving around the security of India and Pakistan and the unsaid war between the intelligence agencies of the same (RAW and ISI respectively). With such controversial and sensitive theme, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer lost its chance to see the light of the day in Pakistan. Pakistan Censor Board felt the movie “problematic” and  against the national interest, thus was banned in Pakistan.

5) Tere bin laden(2010)-
Tere-Bin-Laden-2-movie-700x437.jpgThis film is directed by Abhishek Sharma and Ali Zafar (Pakistan’s export to India) in the main role, is a comic film (one can’t deny the rough edges the film has) . The film deals with the sensitive and controversial subject of the Al-Qaeda head, Osama Bin Laden. Moreover, the Censor Board wasn’t too pleased with some dialogues of the film, which they termed vulgar and objectionable.

6) David(2013)-
David_hindi.jpgDavid was an action thriller, starring Neil Nitin. It was also denied release in Pakistan. Pakistan Censor Board said that the movie showed the Muharram procession in a song in a totally wrong way. The Muslims of India also got aggressive against the movie but the Indian Government preferred to stay silent on the issue.

Source: Google Images


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