#8849 This Woman Walked From Mumbai To Goa/Aanchal Dhara- Latest superwoman in town


“Some people dream of success and others wake up and work hard for it “

These lines hold true for Aanchal Dhara who proved to whole world that if you dream it, then no one can stop you from achieving it. A wedding photographer by profession, Aanchal is dynamic, daring and adventures women. For her sky is not a limit and she loves exploring the beauty of world we reside in.

In today’s world where we can’t dream of walking even a little, she dared to walk from Mumbai to Goa. We salute this woman who set record of covering 583km in 26 days. This was not an easy goal to achieve but when to set your eyes on something then nothing can stop you from achieving it.

New Picture.jpg

But this was not an easy task; she started preparing herself back in 2014 where she planned to cover 170 km in 7 days from Mumbai to Pune. Once her that plan was success she started practising for final event by walking 10km every day and slowly increased it to 30 km.

After days of her hard labour, finally she was ready for her mega event. Her journey began in October last year. She was accompanied by her husband and her support team. They used to start at 6 am every day and walk till 6 pm. Aanchal took 15 minutes break after every 7 km. Her friends also joined in their car to support and cheer their star. She describes her journey as beautiful and memorable. Her husband captured beautiful and true India as she walked past the roads. It is an amazing journey where every sunrise gives you hope for new day and every sunset takes you inch closer to your goal.

After achieving tremendous success, now our star has set another goal and this time it’s unimaginable. Her aim has gone higher and this time it will be from Mumbai to kanyakumari and that too in 45 days.

It’s truly amazing; we salute Aanchal for her courage, strength and determination. As it’s said

“We all have wonder woman inside us “.

Thanks Aanchal for bringing glory to all women.


#All images by The Audacious Project.



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