#8850 The IITian who put himself on sale


Buying things online…..sounds great!! And also something very easy and convenience, our purchases are delivered at our door steps….. This is what e-commerce sites are all about. 
Yes!! E-commerce……that’s what today reality is. Famous names in the e-commerce industry are Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Shopclues, etc.
Getting a job in any of these leading e-commerce companies comprises the dream of almost all young folks. And why not!! They can offer you good work culture, great market, everyday rising salaries, and mind blowing opportunity for development. But on the same hand getting a good designated job in the e-commerce industry is quite a challenge. 
    To prove their eligibility for such jobs and show their creativity and new ideas and to be the odd one in the masses; the young minds do all possible things to the extremes of our imagination. Recently, a name of such ambitious young boy came to our notice. 
Aakash Neeraj Mittal!!
Yeah!! That’s the the name we heard of who put him on sale….on Flipkart…..to get a good job in the same….. a well established company in the e-commerce industry. 
Aakash Neeraj Mittal was born in Moradabad, India and completed his schooling from Delhi. Currently, he is in his fourth year of undergraduate studies in Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur; and the humanitarian author of “It Wasn’t Her Fault”​, a novel based on a true story about a girl who was raped at the young age of 15 and her heart touching love story. Aakash has described the emotions of love and the life with extreme purity and innocence, that too with the practicality of life…It’s amazing how Aakash has managed to described each moment of her tough journey with so much ease.
Undoubtedly, Aakash is the owner of very talented and creative personality 
           He applied for APM profile of Flipkart, though he didn’t get an interview call.But still……..owing to his innovation, he was successful in making a place for himself…..in the Flip kart world ( if not as an employee then definitely as a product….on the Flipkart site) and became popular.  What creativity!! For sure he is talk of every town. 


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