#8851 Beat the heat in summer/ amazing summer superfoods

Scorching summer is here to take toil on our skin and hair. Biggest puzzle is what to eat in order to beat this blazing heat. What we eat affects our mood and our outlook. With rising temperatures we often feel lethargy and irritated. Eating fried, starchy and junk foods will add to our laziness. What looks good, tastes good too. Store your refrigerator with fresh colorful fruits and veggies like capsicum, grapes, oranges, kiwi etc. When ever feel hungry just grab some of them.

1) Water

Glass of Water

Start and end your day with glass of water. Aim to drink at least 3litrs every day. You can add peppermint leaves to just add that zingy flavor to regular water. Apart from adding that sparkling glow to our skin it also gives shine to hair.

2) Salads

Melon tomato salad

Include loads of cucumber, tomatoes and olives. Freshness of these will boost your energy levels. These are empty calorie foods but loaded with vitamins and minerals. These keep stomach fuller for longer time. Tomatoes have lycopene which is prevents ageing. Olives are good source of omega 3 required to keep our heart and weight healthy. Cucumbers are filled with water and give cooling effect to our skin and body

3) Fruits-

floating island of dessert  : fruit tart, whole foods, mid-market hill, san francisco (2013)

Have plenty of fruits like oranges, watermelon, grapes, and gooseberries. Fruits are one’s best friends in summer. Add them to your shakes, curds, or just eat them raw, these are guaranteed to uplift your mood. Fruits are your skins best friends, the more you eat them, the more your skin sparkles.

4) Flavoured Yogurt-

Yogurt 180

Add your favorite crush like mango, strawberry, blueberry etc. to chilled yogurt. It will not only refresh your mood but also satisfy that sweet tooth craving. Curd is rich in vitamin D which is helpful for strong bones especially required for females. Other form of curd can be by making lassie or buttermilk. These again are perfect drinks for summer lunch to beat the heat

5) Shakes

Mango Shake

Bored of having milk, add flavoured crush, ice and your favorite fruit and just blend it with milk to get that amazing low calorie chilled milkshake to give you that much needed kick. With rich variety of fruits available every day we can have different shake .This is best way of consuming both fruits and milk.


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